Journal Response to Questions from “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas”

The people in Omelas know about the child and accept it as the price of their happiness. This mentality made the people not only and simply lock the child in a regular room somewhere underground; they have gone beyond limits and boundaries, to and extreme extent, to torture and mistreat that child; they imprisoned him in a locked, dreary, and dark cellar with no windows and light; moreover, they worked on keeping the child in perpetual filth, darkness, and misery. All this brutality and cruelty shall guarantees the existence and continuity of happiness and prosperity of Omelas. Consequently, the locked, dark cellar, in which the child sits, simply symbolizes the deep, dark side of man’s heart that motivates and justifies all the atrocities needed for merely one’s happiness. That dark side that annihilates and overthrows all essences of humanity within one’s self to accomplish and reach the end by any means necessary and at any cost.

The implied criticism of today’s society is in the suffering imposed on people in today’s world for others to survive. A slight, yet significant, difference from Omelas is that suffering in today’s world is imposed on lots of people for a few to live. This can be noticed immensely in first world countries where people show no concern and give no attention to those in third world countries and poor countries who suffer and struggle to survive, who are deprived of life and are being exploited by the first world countries’ people to manufacture their goods and provide their oil, food, and a lot more. Most people in first world countries are aware of the poverty and misery of others and, at some point, realize that their entire civilization, life, stability, and happiness is, in one way or another, based on the misery and suffering of lots of other people in the world; furthermore, lots of those people choose to ignore that and be completely oblivious; they choose to continue enjoying their superficial, specious life at the expense of others.


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